Advancements in the wrist watch

jewellery watch 250x250 Advancements in the wrist watchThere are various kinds of wrist watches available for the athletes and also the sports person. There are many tips and the techniques that are to be implemented for maintaining the wrist watches in a perfect way. There are many benefits that can be obtained by using thewrist watches. The additional benefits from the wrist watches can be listed from meeste käekellad,

• Alarms

• Calendars

• Voice recorder

• Heart rate monitor

• Step counter

• Calorie counter

This kind of benefits can be attained by just selecting the single wrist watch and the calorie counter is helpful in maintaining the health of the athlete to be maintained in a perfect way. The heart rate monitor helps the heart best rate to be monitored in a smarter manner. The heart beat rate can be monitored whenever the person enters the elevator ride. This kind of extra facilities makes the user to get the additional usages in the wrist watches. Many advantages can be attained by using this kind of wrist watches. Thevariety in watches senses a lot in enhancing the look of the person during the functional occasions. There are separate collections available and that would be helpful for the swimmers and the athlete who need thewrist watch as their companion. meeste käekellad helps the person to get a perfect collection. It will be perfectly worth for spending the money by buying the wrist watch which has several advantages in a single place.

Maximum Dating at Dateukrainians

Internet dating online has become a well-known phenomenon for singles to find love and relationship in the last few years. Internet dating online has become a well-known phenomenon for singles to find love and relationship in the last few years. Dating ideas are typically thought of as primarily romantic dates such as fine dining,stargazing,taking walks around the beach and so on, yet folks that are prone to more physically demanding activities feel quite overlooked. Dating online is not new; it is however a business that’s changing and evolving with new players and technology’s changing the way the game is played. Since the late 1990′s when the internet started to take off in a big way online dating has always been at the forefront and grown alongside the internet.

Dating online has become the most convenient way to find love and romance, relationship and marriage on the Internet. Benefits of online dating are many. At the online dating arena you can even receive tons of dating tips and marriage advices that will make your life more beautiful further. If you really want to get a good partner who suits your interest, then it’s time to acquire more benefits of online dating. So, for the people who are searching for the better way meeting to your soul mate, then they must try to go in internet & visit the online dating network. Online dating is not only for American singles but also in other Western, Eastern, European, Asian, and all other continents. Especially for ukrainians, you must try to go in internet and visit dating at dateukrainians.

Don’t be shy when you find anyone that matches your interest, send the person messages. The person may be the special one. It is important that whilst being creative when thinking of a first date, you do not go over the top. Romantic dispositions are highly charged in singles and are tamed by a relationship.

Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Woman’s Guide

Italian fashion brands have dominated the world of glitz and glamour alongside the French, American and British since time immemorial. Fashion has become integral in Italy’s culture and society. The term “la bella figura” is a traditional way of putting value in dressing up to make a good impression. Among the top five fashion capitals in the world including London, New York and Paris, the other two are major Italian cities: Milan and Rome.

Here are four high fashion brands to introduce you to Italy’s rich tradition of high culture art and design. Get to know which designers from Italy best fit your personality and style.

The House of Gucci

137616 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide137617 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide

Better known to the world as simply, “Gucci”, this line has 90 years of history of quality craftsmanship and signature designs that are both youthful and seductive. Gucci prides itself with simple concepts finished by clever touches of details such as a slit in the skirt or a certain stitching or appliqué.

Gucci is the brand of choice of young women who adore conventional cuts and fabrics but would subtly draw attention through a statement piece.

Here we see Jennifer Garner wearing a bright violet strapless column gown that has a huge back bow, and a train of tulle and organza ruffles at the 2013 Oscars.

Meanwhile, Charlize Theron chose a pale silver strapless with silver appliqué detail on the waist at the Cinema for Peace Gala 2013.

If your style resembles these classic beauties more than any other Italian fashion brands, then Gucci is the perfect starting point for your closet spring makeover.

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci has become synonymous to kaleidoscopic colors and prints. The brand used to define the 60s and 70s disco era with its chic patterns, that its chief designer and namesake, Emilio Pucci, became known as the “Prince of Prints.”

Pucci is survived by his daughter, Laudomia, who is now taking the reigns as the brand’s image director. Today Pucci’s team, led by Peter Dundas, continues to churn out bright and colorful designs but refuses to stop there. The brand is now better known for its bohemian and rock inspirations that make “rebellious” chic.

Solange Knowles is recently scene in a bright yellow Emilio Pucci gown at the 2013 Vanity Fair Party.

Nicole Richie, well known for her boho-chic style, made an appearance on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in a black sheer chiffon jumpsuit straight from Emilio Pucci’s Fall 2013 collection.

Also sporting the punk rocker boho chic archetype is Miley

Cyrus who came to the 2013 Pre-Grammy Party in a dark romantic Emilio Pucci racer-back dress with sheer cover right from the brand’s Spring 2013 line.

If you are the tough, devil-may-care, flower child, then Emilio Pucci is the look that best defines you.

 Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide 137618 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide 137620 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide


137621 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans GuideAmong the Italian fashion brands featured in editorial magazines, Valentino is arguably the richest and most diverse, and yet it has managed to maintain unreachable opulence with its every collection. This is most likely due to the fact that Valentino has gone a bit more commercial and high-producing in the recent past. However, today, Valentino is back to churning more unique, original high fashion pieces; leaning more toward quality than quantity.

Still, Valentino’s lines exude sensual, classic elegance with its choice of feminine fabrics and laces that have epitomized Hollywood glamour for decades. But more than anything else, the brand’s signature red gowns as worn by Jennifer Aniston during the 2013 Oscars is just iconic.

If you are all up for red carpet glamour, then here is the brand that best suit your style and your sultry red lipstick.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is known for pioneering sandblasted jeans and exotic printing on leather. He is one of the most popular designers in Italy and the world. A-list celebrities could talk about their love for the man for hours as his designs have inspired a lot of upcoming designers known in the fashion world today.

Cavalli’s works can be summed up into one word: rockstar. He is known to combine glamour and the sexy side of rock in his designs. But as compared to Pucci, Cavalli’s dwell more on the starry and the glamorous. His gowns literally shimmer as much as the stars who wear them.

American Idol alumni Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood both seem to love Cavalli. The former wears a custom-made at the Oscars 2013 while the latter accepted her 2013 Grammy award in a black strapless.

Indeed, Roberto Cavalli has drawn its own spot as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after Italian fashion brands.

137622 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide137623 max Four Italian Fashion Brands: an Every Womans Guide

Bubblegum casting reviews for prospective models

ls Bubblegum casting reviews for prospective modelsMany females who are 18 to 22 years old now feel contentment contact a reputable modeling agency confidently. They like to become one of the most successful models in the industry. Even though different agencies provide different options and opportunities to budding models, many females in the USA now like to use casting opportunities of Bubblegum Casting eagerly. Bubblegum casting gets recognition among other modeling agencies because of lots of issues including a family-atmosphere, ever-increasing success, and is bubblegum casting legitimate. People who wish to use a successful agency’s casting process at this time can use this agency without doubt. They can get the best reply to an application that they have sent here. As a result, they do not have to waste their priceless time.
Even though some females feel satisfaction become professional models, they get difficulties to join in a modeling agency because of unfavourable things like unpaid salaries, poor support, and a lack of resources of modeling agencies. They can prefer Bubblegum Casting at this time happily and confidently. Models in this agency get professional photographers. They get the same day payment without fail. They feel convenience work here because of photographers around their own age. Lots of reviews of bubblegum casting support females to make a decision to join in this famous modeling agency. These reviews online make public on the subject of this agency’s different elements that support budding models. Thus, people who listen to these reviews can understand this modeling agency as the maximum amount as possible.

Get Safe Practice Body Piercing

Body piercing is a modification of body. Many people practice body piercing for religious and other cultural motives, whereas many people, especially in the modern Western countries, choose body piercing to satisfy spiritual, ornamental, or sexual motives. Piercing at each body part like lips, labret, eyebrows, navel, nasal septum, nipples at breasts which now seem to be fashion has its own significance in history.  Some call it fashion, some call it craze. Some call it a new way of pleasure and for some its adventure.

Years ago the trend of body piercing began with the piercing the ears. With the passage of time it became so popular that it has become a necessary commodity and now instead of single pierce the women go for multiple piercings.  Most of the people who have human body piercings don’t build any challenges, but some do. When piercings get contaminated, it is a horrible sight, and occasionally, they scent terrible, too.  Body piercing jewellery is one of the fondest of all the jewellery that is worn by all the men and women in all the cultures of the world. In some of the tribes it is worn as a custom, or a symbol of belonging to a particular community.

Some of the types of body piercing offers beneficial effects on our body like according to Ayurveda piercing in the left lobe of nose makes the childbirth easier and lessens the period pains in women.  Among the popular piercing metals as gold, silver, copper and steel the last one is the most famous and affordable option for many. But not any steel should do. Going for such delicate procedures Surgical Steel Body Jewelry is the best and safe metal type you should opt for.

If you are thinking about getting your body pierced, especially for the first time, you should take the time to get informed before you get pierced. Because not knowing what to expect could be disastrous.  It’s really one of those questions that makes you stop and think why this person wants to be pierced. That doubt in you mind is confirmed by the look of shock on their face when to they’ll need to continue cleaning it at least once a day, more so in the first few weeks.  piercing the body may cause significant pain and take a long time to heal yet it is popular among the young people who choose it to look trendy and stylish. Many pop stars in the world have been seen to wear this form of jewellery.

Best thing to complete will be to appear for any certified qualified shape piercer; an individual who appreciates the way to tackle you as well as the condition with added care.  it is important to take care of the piercings that you have in your body. Sometimes the body does not accept the wound or the type of metal that is being worn. In that case you should consult a doctor for the treatment and even get the ring removed.  If you want to know more about cartilage-piercing, please click here.



Starting A Fashion Line

How To Have Your Own Fashion Line

Many people dream of having their own fashion line and seeing people wear their creations and being a part of this glamourous industry. You can make a lucrative career in fashion.  The fashion industry is a giant. $250 billion is spent on fashion annually worldwide and  over $20 billion in revenue is generated in the United States. There are over 4 million people  employed in this lucrative field.

The next big question is How? How to have your own fashion line. For starters many people go to fashion design school to learn mainly about design, fashion sketching, merchandising etc. To have your own fashion line you do not need a formal education or certificate if you plan on having your own business but many companies require some sort of degree, certificate or experience. There are many fashion schools even online that you can research.  The big respected schools that attract students internationally are FIDM in Los Angeles and New York , and Parsons school of design in New York.

Starting A Fashion Line

First, decide what type of fashion line you want to start. There are apparel and accessories,  then you’ll have to decide for women, men or children. Many designers or entreprenuers start off in one category then expand their products. A few designers have started off with a full line of products and were successful, but the initial investment and risk is much higher.

Starting a fashion line is similar to starting any other business but you are making the product, Simply put; Make, sell, produce, ship. You will need a sewing manufacturer and sample maker. Then, you sell your product and ship it to the buyers.  Of course, there are many details to each stage. Below is a brief outline of the initial steps of starting a fashion line.

Here are some of the categories of the different fashion lines. You can specialize in one or more  or your line can grow and expand into several lines.

Fashion Categories

  1. Apparel
  • Women
  • Mens
  • Children
  • Outerwear
  • Sport wear
  • Dresses
  • Ready to Wear

2. Accessories

  • Handbags
  • Belts, scarves
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Hats

Your Ideas

Once you decide what market and category you want to specialize in, you should have sketches or computer drawings of your line or product. You do not want to start a fashion line not knowing what type of styles you will offer. Your style or signature is what will sell and stand you apart from competitors. Ideally, you should have plenty of sketches, computer drawings, a portfolio or a look book. All of this will show an image that you are creating.

83068 max Starting A Fashion Line

Sample Maker

Once you have edited your collection or line and know  what you want to make, the next step is finding a sample maker. For people just starting out and on a budget, I suggest you find a independent sample maker or a company that does small quantity samples and production. There are many independent contractors that offer sample sewing at good prices. You can look in the online classifieds or google “clothing sample makers” or “clothing sample contractors”. This is an important step, so spend time finding a good sample maker that you can keep using for the future. Ideally the sample maker will be able to make your whole line. For example if you are making a children’s line and it consists of 12 dresses, 6 tops and 6 bottoms then they will be able to provide all the samples for each style. Sometimes you run into sample makers that will specialize in one style, such as dresses. You will then need to find another sample maker for your other styles.

If you know how to sew and want to make your own samples, then all you need to do is find sewers or sewing contractors to handle your production when you receive orders.

Once you find a sample maker, you will need to send them your spec sheet or sketch and fabrics. The big sewing contractors often can find your requested fabrics and notions for you but this costs more. If you are just beginning, it is cost efficient and much easier to supply the fabric and notions that you want to use.


You will  have to provide the sample maker with your company label and care instruction labels. The care instruction labels are easy and come already made and in stock. Your label represents your brand image. There are a variety of labels and designs to choose from. You can order your labels online as well. They are listed under; apparel labels, apparel woven labels, clothing labels for apparel, etc. You can usually order hang tags for your clothing from these companies as well.


Representatives or clothing reps can represent your line and sell to stores and boutiques for you. They usually charge a flat commission in the neighborhood of 15%. I personally like using representatives especially if your are just beginning. They usually have a customer base already and they will take your lines to the trade shows and show them, the do all the selling for you. You can find reps at the trade shows and at apparel marts. If you a have an apparel mart in your area, look through their directory and find reps that carry similar lines to yours and give them a call or email. Many of the big reps are harder to get because they are more “select” in the lines they want to carry. There are still many other reps that are just as good and sometimes more eager for business. Putting your line on a website is a good idea, that way the rep can view it immediately.

Finding a rep make can take some time and you may consider getting a rep in each region to cover more territory and stores in those areas. Keep in mind that reps usually cover a certain territory and not just one State. Some reps have offices in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Trade shows

If you don’t have a rep, you can show your line at trade shows. Trade shows can be costly, especially if they are out of town because you will have traveling expenses. At trade shows you will need to rent a booth, decorate it and show your line to buyers. If you have no buyers who know about you and make appointments to see your line, then you will have to rely on the buyers at the show that walk by your booth. The good news is, these shows attract thousands of buyers who need to buy inventory. Having a booth in a trade show  will give you some exposure even if you don’t get orders. Trade shows  is a good place to network, find reps and see your competition and what others are doing. It’s important to walk a trade show before actually being a vendor at a trade show and even launching your line.

83070 max Starting A Fashion Line

Trade shows are a sea of information and you will know so much more by the time you leave, you will be able to have a closer look of behind the scenes of the fashion industry. Many large companies send their staff to all the shows just to walk around and keep up to date. If you are planning to show your own line at a trade show and have a booth it is strongly advised to attend a show before becoming a vendor so you can see how the booths are displayed. This is a big mistake for many new lines. They go to the show not knowing what to expect and end up wasting a lot of money. Some of the big apparel and textile trade shows are the magic shows at, which has some of the biggest shows annually in Las Vegas. There are international shows and regional shows as well, such as California market center and midwest apparel trade shows. There are many more depending on what area you are in.

If you do not have a rep or you don’t do trade shows, you will have to market your line yourself to boutiques and store buyers.Which some people are perfectly fine with this.


After your samples are made and you receive orders you will need to produce the items. Many sample makers often provide production services as well. They should have your sample specs on file and they will make the requested amount of pieces that you need. If you are just starting out, try and find a production company or contractor that has low minimum quantities. It’s important to make sure your production is on time and give yourself some room for delays. If you do not honor your delivery dates the buyers can cancel their orders.

Cheap Medical Scrubs For Men-Discount Tops And Pants

Cheap medical scrubs for men are one of the most sought-after types of medical apparel. Although medical garments of this type are described as a mans style, some are so basic in design that women can wear them too. The difference between scrub tops and pants for guys or girls is that female scrubs come in more patterns. Some medical uniform companies offer unisex scrubs for both men and women. *See Dickies Everyday Tops Or Bottoms For Men Below*

 Uniform Separates Come In Multiple Sizes

Not only do these garments come in solid colors, they come in much bigger sizes for the extra tall, extra big guy. It is a good thing that these uniforms are designed to fit loosely on the body. They can be one of the most carefree and comfortable of all work-related uniforms. Most scrub tops have a v-neck for non-binding comfort. Scrub pants have that recognizable drawstring waist, although they are available elasticized as well. The arm holes are large and loose for freedom of movement.

Choosing  Professional Medical Garments Based On Vocation

Some vocations recognize their medical staff by the color of the garments they wear. Some are required to wear dark blue, some make their students or staff members wear nothing but green. Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities may not care what color the scrubs are as long they are professional-looking and fit in with the company dress code policy. Even prison inmates wear them. This apparel is popular because it is easy to wear and even easier to care for.

Financially-Challenged Students Need Cheap Medical Scrubs 

Any student who is in college and struggling to pay tuition fees, book fees and living expenses needs to find affordable, yet good-quality medical supplies and apparel. Even taking classes as a paraprofessional nursing assistant requires the purchase of a scrub uniform, nursing shoes, stethoscope, watch, and blood pressure cuff. It all adds up for a student.

Who Sells Discount Scrubs For Men Online?

Because medical scrubs for men are a specialty garment, not every town in the country will have  an affordable medical apparel shop nearby. A student on a budget can begin by asking their school instructor where to buy a cheap uniform. Those who are already working in the healthcare profession can find some great bargains online at They offer free shipping over a certain amount and have a nice selection of Med Man scrub tops and pants in great colors for men.

One of the best deals online that I found for low-priced apparel in this range are the garments made by The Dickies Company and sold through Their Everyday Drawstring version is very affordable and both man or women can wear them. Below are just a few of the styles they offer.

41vu5uo23tL Cheap Medical Scrubs For Men Discount Tops And PantsDickies Men’s Everyday Cargo Scrub Pant
Amazon Price: $14.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 20, 2013)

Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men

Online Shopping Credit With MidnightVelvet Catalog

Midnight Velvet provides good, quality and yet fashionable clothes for women and men. Women and men today want to express the different levels of depth within their personality.  Often, this is done through the clothing and the accessories they wear.  Midnight Velvet provides a wide variety of options for the modern woman and man alike.

From classic designer clothes, to business suits to glamorous evening attire, both men and women can find it at Midnight Velvet. For those who have bad credit, Midnight Velvet also offers you the chance to get good quality clothing and accessories through their buy now pay later credit program. Midnight Velvet offers the possibility of instant credit approval upon checking out after your product selection.

Midnight Velvet gives you the opportunity to buy fantastic goods however you do have to submit to a slight credit check if you are using the online catalog.  You can always try Grand Pointe online catalog if you want $100 instant credit to go shopping for goods. Grande Point allows you to build up credit over time, all the way up to $500. Thus if you are someone who needs to build your credit history, then a buy now pay later catalog like Grand Point is a great place to start.

Types of Merchandise Sold In the  Midnight Velvet Catalog and Website

118852 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men118853 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men118855 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men118854 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men


118856 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men118857 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men118858 max Midnight Velvet Online Shopping Store For Women and Men

The inventory on the Midnight Velvet website and in the catalog covers such categories as clothing, jewelry, health and beauty, accessories and gifts. The online shopping website and catalog offers its clients various clothing products such as dresses, intimate apparel, pants, shorts, jackets, hand bags, winter clothing, swimming apparel, and business attire which  includes suits for both men and women. There is also a wide selection of shoes for both men and women to match the beautiful clothes and suits available in their line of clothing.

Midnight Velvet also carries jewelry that is suitable for different styles. The jewelry selection includes bracelets, earrings, fashion wear, necklaces, rings, watches, diamonds, gold, etc. There are  also health and beauty products including make-up kits for both men and women, fitness accessories, bath sets, fragrances and personal care and effects, vitamins and supplements. There are different gifts fit for women, men, and children.

Electronics such as television sets, LCDs, MP3 players, cameras, head phones, audio machines etc are also available-although not the focus of the website or catalog. Bed and bathroom products include bedding and bedcovers, ceiling canopy, pillows, bed sheets and blanket, window treatments, and curtains. Kitchen ware include appliances, cook ware, dinning accessories, flat ware, kitchen accents, and serving ware.

Other “One Stop Shop” Catalogs Include:

Benefits of Using Midnight Velvet Catalog

The online shop provides a great advantage for people who cannot use their traditional credit cards or cannot get a traditional credit card due to bad credit or no credit. So those who want to have the latest fashion trend can now buy it and pay for it over time through the Midnight Velvet choose and charge program. Because of the large selection of products that Midnight Velvet offers, men and women shopping online or through the print catalog can usually shop in one place and get most of what they need to complete their wardrobe.

Clients have the advantage of receiving exclusive offers through their email once signed up and if a client or customer is in good standing, they may receive other pre-approved offers in the mail from other buy now pay later catalogs.

A person can also request for credit increment especially those with a reputable payment history. Clients are also allowed to make low monthly payments up to $20 dollars per month. Midnight Velvet allows customers to return goods and products that don not meet the required expectation at least within the first 60 days.

A client/customer is assured of a refund, catalog credit, or a replacement in case of problems. Midnight Velvet also has different shipping options. Whether you live domestically or internationally, there is an option for you to get your products and a reasonable amount of time.

Disadvantages of Using the Midnight Velvet Website and Catalog

One of the key disadvantages is for people with very bad credit. These may find it difficult to use credit services as they do not easily get approved. In this case, you may want to try catalogs similar to Midnight Velvet such as Monroe and Main.

Midnight Velvet Instant Credit Application Process

The process for getting a Midnight Velvet credit card is relatively simple. New clients can apply for the credit cards and obtain approval immediately before using the online credit services and applying for the Midnight Velvet credit card. Everyone does have an equal opportunity to apply. However, it may be challenging for a person with very bad credit history to get approval. A person can also order for products or accessories through the offline print catalog as a means of getting approval for the instant credit online.

To apply for a credit account, one is expected to place his or her first order. While checking out, the client can request for a credit account when you are given the option “Open a Midnight Velvet Account.”  At this time the client will receive an account number that can be used for the first billing and other purchases to follow in the future.
Midnight Velvet Interest Rates

The interest rates at Midnight Velvet vary depending on the credit position of the specific client. The interest rates range from 5.5 to 23.99 percent. Your interest rate will obviously depend on your personal credit history.

Special Note:   Buy now pay later catalogs and websites offer their clients an incredible opportunity to buy the latest name brand items at competitive terms.  Even if you have bad credit you can shop online using the buy  now pay later deferred billing or monthly billing option to buy clothes,shoesfurniture, electronicscameras and camcorders,  airline ticketsbeds and other home furnishingscomputersphones, Christmas or birthday gifts, food and other delicacies, and so much more. Many of the catalogs offer free shipping and instant credit on items as well as the opportunity to buy from the catalogs with no credit checkWhatever you can get in a high end department store like Macy’s or even an everyday man’s department store like KMart or even WalMartyou can find in a buy now pay later catalog.

Men Wearing Scarves: Will it Go Mainstream?

I notice more guys wearing scarves these days.  Clearly, colder weather has something to do with this phenomenon.  Still, the scarves I’m seeing appear to be more fashion accessories than apparel worn to provide a shield from cold weather.  Maybe I’ve become more observant in middle age, but I doubt it.  I think men wearing scarves is more of a trend these days.

I have to admit to a distaste for a scarf wearing man.  For the longest time, I had no feeling about this type of apparel that was apparent to me.  My feelings changed with the movie Good Will Hunting.  In that film, an established, middle aged male professor was quite envious of the mathematical abilities of Matt Damon’s character.  In short, he was somewhat douchey.  He wore a scarf all the time.  I associated the scarf with a man trying desperately to give off an intellectual image.  He very much desired to always be the smartest guy in the room, yet this uneducated Boston kid could blow him away in the highest level of mathematics.

Maybe I’ve been unfair to the scarf, but we all have reasons for our feelings and at least I could label the reason for mine.  Perhaps I’ll evolve.  My impression of those with tattoos has evolved over time.  I used to be turned off when I saw them.  Probably the proliferation of tattoos among most everyone under forty has changed my attitude.  These days, seeing a young person without tattoos is more of a surprise than noticing a young adult without any which are visible.  Although I have no intention of getting any body art myself, I have no negative feelings anymore to those who do use their bodies for making a statement.  Here’s some guys I’ve seen wearing scarves these days.

 Men Wearing Scarves: Will it Go Mainstream?

Soccer Guys

In general, soccer fans in urban areas appear to be a younger crowd.  In addition to their advertising emblem embedded jerseys, soccer fans also favor team scarves.  The soccer scarves are long and thin.  The guys seem to love them.  For some reason, these scarves fit the context and are different from other sports fan apparel.  Maybe the differentness comes from the soccer fans themselves, they differ from the older beer swilling football crowd.  This group is younger and more fashion conscious.

I have no illusions about ever becoming younger and more fashion conscious, but I do notice those who are.  I’m curious to see whether older guys will copy them.  I suspect that some will, maybe after they’ve dyed their hair darker.

Mainstream Sports Commentators

Some of our television talking heads attempt to make fashion statements when they are broadcasting.  Many have an eye for fashion.  I’ve noticed a few “in studio” commentators wearing scarves.  The scarves aren’t loud and flashy.  They are dark and seem to blend in with the whole ensemble.  Even the athletes are getting in on the action.  Chris Bosh of the Heat approves the scarf as an accessory.[1]

I have trouble enough matching anything, so adding a scarf to the equation is too much for me.  Those with any sense of color and matching will no doubt have better luck.

Hipsters165290 max Men Wearing Scarves: Will it Go Mainstream?

I’m not certain if this is a positive or negative development, but male hipsters seem to be more of a scarf wearing group.  Hipsters want to be on the front end of fashion developments, yet it remains unclear to me if they ever are.  Could be that the scarf phenomenon will pass quickly if other folks see scarves as a hipster fad.[2]

I can’t tell yet whether men wearing scarves as a fashion accessory will catch on enough for most of us to wear them.  For now, it is noticeable yet sort of isolated.  I don’t have any of these in my closet yet, but no one copies my fashion ensembles either.

How To Pick Corporate Apparel and Still Look Stylish

109211 max How To Pick Corporate Apparel and Still Look StylishCredit:

The appearance of a company’s employees sets the tone for the company and reflects an image to the company’s customers. Companies want their employees to represent the business in a professional manner. That’s why many industries opt for a company uniform. A company uniform ensures that a company knows exactly what image their employees are presenting. However, while the employees may be in uniform, there’s no reason why employees can’t be stylish as well.

Many employees find that an attractive uniform increases their job satisfaction. They can take pride in their appearance, yet not have to worry about buying and maintaining work clothing. There is never a question of what they are going to wear and whether or not it will be appropriate for the workplace. This can reduce stress and lead to greater employee productivity.

The work uniform was once thought of as strictly for the armed forces and for blue collar jobs or those in food service. The truth is, many professionals now don uniforms as well. Depending on the job, the proper uniform can also enhance safety. For employees that work around machinery with moving parts, a working uniform should be chosen that doesn’t have any loose items to get caught. By providing the uniform, employers can help ensure their employees remain uninjured.

Companies requiring a uniform may opt to contract with a uniform company for rental. Uniform rental can actually be more economical for companies in the long run.

Rental companies that offer uniform services often have a variety of options to choose from. There are, of course, the usual options for the service industry, such as cleaning, housekeeping, and restaurant uniforms. There are, however, options available that would be suitable for anyone in a corporate office. These include work jackets, vests, shirts, skirts and pants – all of which can be chosen in sizes and colors to flatter the employee.

Most uniform rental companies supply clothing made by well-known name brands designers, including many that would be found in department stores. Employees will appreciate this as they already recognize the quality and probably already have some clothing by those same brands in their personal wardrobe.

Some uniform clothing is not only made to look stylish, but is also made of durable fabrics and can stand up to rough treatment better than most clothing that would be found in average department stores. This is a great option if employees have to spend time on construction sites or in outdoor areas, but must still be dressed for an office environment. It allows them to move freely around their work site without worrying about ruining their clothing.

Finally, uniform rental will not only save employees on laundry costs, but they are usually better for the environment as well. That’s because the uniform companies use industrial washers and pressing equipment designed to clean and iron clothing using a minimal amount of power and water. They are usually far more efficient than household laundry equipment and will benefit the planet in the long run.

In conclusion, uniform rental is an excellent option for companies looking to save money, improve their image, increase employee satisfaction and work green.

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